Teachers Reportedly Forced 7-Year-Old To Unclog Toilet With Bare Hands


A South Carolina school district is now under fire after two school officials reportedly forced a young boy to endure a disgusting punishment. 

A 7-year-old student in the Jasper County School District was ordered by a teacher and a "paraprofessional" to unclog a toilet with his bare hands, according to WPTV 5.

The two reportedly claimed that he had used too much toilet paper and clogged the toilet.

The child claimed that the toilet also had feces in it. 

The child's mother has called for the termination of the two educators for the traumatizing punishment they inflicted on her son.

She's not alone. The community at large is also demanding for the two to be fired for their alleged misdeeds.

Though the teachers were temporarily suspended, they have since returned back to work. 

This is not the first instance of an educator forcing a student to clean a dirty bathroom.

On Nov. 3, 2014, fourth-grader Jeremiah Rosario was forced by his school's assistant principal to clean a urine and feces stained bathroom with nothing but his bare hands and toilet paper. 

“There was no soap to wash [his] hands,” Jeremiah’s mother said at the time. “There was no gloves or detergent given to him to clean up the feces and the urine.”  

“It wasn’t my job to do that,” Jeremiah said, “so I felt disgusted.”

Source: OpposingViews, WPTV, IJReview.com

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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