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7-Year-Old Colorado Boy Shot In Head While Playing With Friends


A 7-year-old Colorado boy was in critical condition on July 10 after being shot in the head in an apparent accident while he and six other children played together alone in a suburban Denver home, authorities said.

Police have not said what type of firearm was used in the incident, which took place on July 9 in Aurora. The wounded boy was rushed to the nearby Children's Hospital, where he underwent surgery in the evening.

"Everyone that was involved was a juvenile," Sergeant Chris Amsler said in a video released by the Aurora Police Department. He said the shooting appears to have been an accident.

Six children aged between 7 and 12 years old were inside the home at the time. No adults were present, authorities said, and the wounded child did not live there.

"We're not looking for anyone else," Amsler said, adding detectives will investigate how the kids got the gun. "We have to get all the facts and interview all the witnesses."

In a statement on Friday, the Aurora Police Department reminded firearm owners they must ensure guns are always kept in a place inaccessible to children or other unauthorized persons.

"Hiding a gun in a closet, drawer or similar location is not safe storage," the police department said. "Unloaded firearms should be stored in a locked cabinet, safe, gun vault or storage case. ... Ammunition should be stored in a locked location separate from firearms."

(Reporting by Daniel Wallis; Editing by Lisa Lambert)

Photo credit: Ken/Flickr


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