7-Year-Old Boy Writes to NASA, Gets Unexpected Response


7-year-old Dexter wrote a letter to NASA, explaining his interest in joining their mission to Mars. What he received in return was an unexpected surprise, but his subsequent internet fame may deliver something even more extraordinary.

"Dear NASA," Dexter’s letter begins, "My name is Dexter I heard that you are sending two people to Mars and I would like to come but I'm 7.50. I can’t."

Dexter’s thoughtful letter actually elicited an exciting written response from NASA themselves, sent to the young astro-enthusiast complete with photos of Mars and the Curiosity rover, a sticker, and a bookmark. The letter encouraged Dexter to continue to get good grades, succeed in school, and to reach for the stars.

Dexter’s mother, Katrina Anderson, posted pictures to Reddit, titling her post “My 7 year old son wrote to NASA about wanting to be an astronaut and visit Mars, we received his reply this morning.” The posting has reeled in tons of responses of support for Dexter, including many asking after his progress or recommending he get a telescope or go to space camp, and countless wishing him the very best of luck pursuing his passion for space travel.

“It's his dream, he loves space and I will always encourage his curiosity :) I hope his dream comes true it would be pretty cool,” says Anderson.

Sources: Huffington Post, NPR, Reddit


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