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7-Year-Old Boy Repeatedly Sexually Abused And Urinated On By Older Peer At School

A mother is speaking out about her seven-year-old son’s experience being bullied and sexually assaulted by a 10-year-old at school, and the details of the case are horrific.

According to reports, the unidentified seven-year-old boy told his parents of the horrors he faced at school. The 10-year-old abuser reportedly urinated on the seven-year-old in the bathroom and sexually assaulted him after weeks of constant bullying. The victim’s mother attempted to meet with the bully’s parents, but they refused, opting instead to send her a callous note offering their “apologies.”

“Dear Parent,” the note reads. “I would like to apologise for my son's inappropriate behaviour towards your child, causing you and your child distress.”

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Upon receiving the note, the victim’s mother attempted to get the boy expelled from school, but when she was unsuccessful, she told the Victorian Education Department that she would go public. Reports say that after the threat, a department official immediately hung up the phone on her.

“I know about sexual assault on children and I fear that my son will remember this always and it will affect him as an adult. He is already showing disturbed behaviour,” said the heartbroken mother, who claims the bully touched her son’s penis and bottom and forced the little boy to touch his penis, as well. “He's having night terrors and he is anxious. The other day he had a meltdown. I had to take him by the arm to stop him running onto the road.

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“My son is going through hell,” the mother continued, according to the Daily Mail. “He is petrified and has told the school he fears this other child on multiple occasions. He is only seven years old and shouldn't have to go through this. While I understand that this is a sensitive matter for both children and that the other child may need help too, my first concern is my son.”

The seven-year-old victim, who reportedly suffers from a learning disability, was allegedly beaten by two other boys at school after word got out that he had reported the 10-year-old bully.

“The school needs to know they need to stand up and protect him,” the mother said. “Changing schools also won't stop anything, this other child will be able to do this to another, if he hasn't already. This shouldn't be happening. This is far more than bullying. My son was targeted on more than one occasion and forced to perform sexual acts by a student that was supposed to be ... watched at all times and kept away from my son. The school is well aware of each of these incidences.”

The Victorian Department of Education reportedly told the Daily Mail that they would not comment on the case.

Sources: Daily Mail, UK Express / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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