Watch: 7-Year-Old Boy Walks Up To Black Man And His Daughter, Calls Him The N-Word (Video)


A 7-year-old boy was caught on camera using a racial slur to talk to a man who was at a park with his daughter (video below). 

“Go ahead, Caleb,” the man says in the video, posted below. “This is Caleb. We’re at Lincoln Park right now. He wants to tell me something. What was that?”

Caleb, the young boy, proceeds to call the man a “black n*****.”

“I have no idea where his parents are,” the father says to the camera. “I don’t even know this little guy. I’ve never, ever wanted to strike a kid but he kind of makes me want to.” 

The incredulous man then asks Caleb to repeat what he called him, prompting the young boy to do just that.

“He randomly just walked up to me and started doing this,” the man explains to the camera. 

“Do you believe this?” a little girl, presumably the man's daughter, says in response.

“Who taught you that, Caleb?” the man asks.

“I don’t know,” the boy responds.

“People just say it around you?” the little girl asks.

Caleb then acknowledged that what he said wasn’t nice, but did not offer an explanation as to why he said it. 

“Wow, this is the future,” the father says at the end of the video.

Watch the shocking interaction below.

WARNING: Contains racial slurs.

Sources: World Star Hip Hop, YouTube

Photo Source: Screen Capture via YouTube


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