7-Year-Old Alex Evans Suspended for Throwing Imaginary Grenade

A boy has been suspended from his school for throwing an imaginary grenade on the playground while pretending to be a hero soldier. 

Alex Evans, 7, is in second grade at Mary Blair Elementary School in Loveland, Colorado. During recess, he was playing a game called "rescue the world."

While playing the game, he tossed the imaginary grenade into a box "containing made-up forces of evil" and made a sound to pretend it had detonated. 

Though he told school officials that he did not make any threats against anyone and was merely pretending to be a hero "so nothing can get out and destroy the world," he was still suspended.

The school has strict rules regarding the use of weapons, even imaginary ones. 

Mandie Watkins, Evan's mother, said she does not understand why an imaginary game led to her son's suspension.

"I think that when a child is trying to save the world, I don't think he should be punished for it," she said. 

When Thompson School District was contacted for comment, they denied speaking about the issue and said that it was "complicated." 

Spokesman Michael Hausmann said the elementary's rules were not a district-wide policy.

This is the latest in a series of school suspensions from imaginary weapons. A boy last week was suspended when he built a gun out of legos. A week earlier, a student in Philadelphia was suspended for bringing a gun made of paper to school. 



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