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7 Pit Bull Pups Poisoned at 'Pit Bull Awareness' Event

Two pit bull puppies died, and five are reported still struggling to survive after they were apparently poisoned at a Pit Bull Awareness event sponsored by A Darrah Bull Bully Rescue. This was the first annual event for this group and was held on Saturday at Legion Park in Holidaysburg, Pennsylvania.

Renae Metz ofA Darrah Bull Bully Rescue., said one of the eight-week-old puppies began acting strangely Saturday afternoon during the event: “His stomach was bloated, he had glazy eyes and couldn’t hold his head up,” she told Fox8 News.

Metz believes someone tried to poison the Pit-Bull puppies by slipping something into their water bowls. An autopsy confirmed that there was no food in their stomachs and that fact, along with other indications, makes it likely the puppies died from a poisonous substance provided in water, reports say.

“The puppies evidently were an easy target,” said Renae Metz, “We aren’t going to turn people down when they offer to put water in their pen, we never imagined that someone would be this malicious,” reports.

“We want to press on and save as many dogs as we can,” she said. “This just turned us on to the fact that so many people are hateful and we just need to keep spreading the word that these are not bad dogs at all.”


Although this tragedy occurred at a Pit Bull event, it is possible that it was an act of violence by an opportunist attracted to a publicized gathering involving dogs, rather than specifically related to the breed. The organization is offering a reward for information that leads to identifying the perpetrator.

In addition to the dubious wisdom of allowing strangers to provide water to any pet, we have to wonder why a “rescue” would take eight-week-old puppies into a public park where they could readily be exposed to highly contagious canine diseases before they are fully inoculated.

The website for this organization says that A Darrah Bull Bully Rescue is “just getting started up.”It also states that it is a very small home-based bully breed rescue in Central PA. That might explain the lack of experience and knowledge about the susceptibility of young pups to often-deadly diseases.

That still leaves the even more perplexing issue of why any “rescue” would allow a homeless Pit Bull to have a litter of puppies and then seemingly highlight it as a joyous event. Another website discusses the event, the poisoning, and has a gallery of photos showing the puppies individually and including a proud pix of the female Pit Bull nursing puppies before last Saturday’s tragic incident.

It is easy to blame this poisoning on the Pit Bull puppies being an easy target for the perpetrator of a horrific crime; however, the greater and more scary reality is that someone was drawn to this location with the premeditated intent to harm or kill dogs and with a poisonous substance to carry this out. The fact that it was done in such a public venue might indicate that this sick individual wanted attention--wanted to read about his/her “success” in the media, rather than just killing a dog in someone’s backyard by throwing poisoned meat over a fence at night.

Another example of this type of exhibitionism is the recent post on the Internet about “Kill-a-Pit Bull Day,” in which the poster urges killing as many pit bulls as possible on Halloween night.

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