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Father Jumps Off Connecticut Bridge, Police Search For 7-Month-Old In River

Police have deemed their search for a 7-month-old boy a recovery operation as the investigation closed in on Monday evening. 

Aaden Moreno was reported missing on Sunday night after his father, 22-year-old Tony Moreno, attempted to kill himself by jumping off the Arrigoni Bridge into Connecticut River that night. The bridge is located between Middletown and Portland in Connecticut.

Police say Tony placed a call around 11:35 p.m. the night of the incident. After reporting Tony’s phone call to authorities, the person Tony called also said they heard Aaden in the background, according to Fox News. 

Officials cannot confirm if Tony jumped into the river with Aaden, although they do believe that could be the case.

Tony dropped into the Connecticut River from a height of 120 feet, according to WABC. He was rescued by first-responders at the scene and later taken to the hospital, where he is in a stable condition, according to the Associated Press.

Police are interviewing family and friends of Tony and Aaden to determine more information about the boy’s whereabouts. 

“To think that it’s possible that somebody perhaps committing suicide would take a child with them, I can’t even get my mind around that,” Robert Robinson, a resident of Middletown, told WABC. 

A search through the town is also in effect. 

“We have done tracks with out canine from the father’s home to here,” said Middletown Police Lieutenant Heather Desmond. “We are checking the wooded area. Any place possible where that child would be, we are searching for that child.” 

In addition to the Middletown Police Department, the fire departments, and the state police, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection is also a partner in the investigation, reports Fox News. 

Aaden was last seen wearing black-and-white striped shirt with a Mickey Mouse logo and black pants. He is 2 feet tall, 23 pounds, and has brown eyes and hair. 

Sources: Fox News, WABC, Associated Press via ABC News
Photo Credit: Connecticut State Police via Fox News


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