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7 Kentucky High Schoolers Banned From Graduation for ‘Crickets’ Prank

Seven Kentucky high school seniors were banned from their graduation after a senior prank that involved releasing roughly 10,000 crickets inside the high school. The students will also have to pay a fine of $600 before they are allowed to collect their diplomas.

Some at East Carter High School in Grayson, Kentucky, the scene of the prank, are calling the punishment excessive.

Fellow senior Alissa Lawson did not believe the harsh punishment was necessary. 

"We've been to school with them since we were in diapers, it's not fair to us to not have them there with us."

Rhonda Parsons, a mother of one of the students banned from graduation, also felt the school board went too far.

"It could be worse. What other kinds of bugs are in there?"

But the school board expressed other ideas in a statement they released.

“Expenses will continue to rise as cleanup efforts are still underway,” the statement said. “It is the stance of the Carter County School District that these actions, while meant to be a prank of sorts, are unacceptable.”

Sources: DailyMail, WSAZ


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