7 Georgia Cops Quit After Fellow Officer Shot at By Gang

What would Wyatt Earp think about this?

The police force in Albany, Georgia has some vacancies after seven officers quit following a shooting attempt on one of their colleagues.

WBAL-TV reports that last week gang members opened fire on an officer. Fortunately he was not hurt. However the shooting hit home with members of the force, leading to the seven resignations.

City Manager James Taylor said this type of mass resignation is common after such an incident because officers realize just how dangerous their job is.

"We have to find a way to help them handle this. We have to help them understand that we're on their side and we will support them and that all they got to do is the best they can do and that we'll give them all the tools to protect them and keep them as safe as we can and hopefully they'll stay," Taylor said.

The department said it is having a hard time filling shifts since the resignations. Albany has about 200 police officers.

Is this mass resignation an indicator that police pay is too low, considering the dangers the police face each day? Or are these individuals running from the bad guys?


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