7-Eleven Clerk Fired For Fighting Off an 'Armed' Robber, Violating Non-Confrontation Policy


A 7-Eleven clerk in Florida was fired after he wrestled a would-be robber, who appeared to be carrying a gun, out of the Flagler Beach store last week.

Edward Vaught was working an overnight shift when 31-year-old Christopher Munson entered the 7-Eleven on Highway A1A.

“He pulls [what] looks like a gun out of his waistband and he pointed it right at my forehead,” Vaught told WESH-TV. “He threatened me – threatened he was going to kill me."

Munson did not fire the gun, though, because it was actually a fake. According to Vaught, it looked just like the real thing.

Vaught attempted to call 911, but Munson, as seen on the store’s video surveillance footage, violently jerked the phone out of his hands. That is when Munson pulled his fake gun. 

“This man wants to hurt me so I need to defend myself,” Vaught said.

He wrestled Munson to the doorway, where he held him until police arrived to arrest him.

Vaught said that he expected to be applauded for his efforts and cannot understand why he was let go.

“I thought was in serious mortal danger,” he said.

7-Eleven claims Vaught was fired for violating a policy to not fight back.

“A dismissal was in order because the employee’s action violated our policy of nonconfrontation and posed a danger to himself and a coworker,” 7-Eleven told WESH-TV.

Vaught said he was working to saving money for school. Now he says he will have to find temporary work to support his dream of becoming a math teacher.

Sources: WESH-TV, TheBlaze


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