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7-11 Clerk Turns Tables On Robber, Yanks Gun Out Of His Hand

A robber armed with a handgun got way more than he bargained for when he tried to hold up a 7-11 in San Leandro, Calif., on Friday.

The robber reportedly walked into the 7-11 and demanded the two clerks on duty hand over the money in their registers. He reportedly started waving his handgun back and forth as he asked for the money. But instead of turning over his cash drawer, one of the clerks made a much bolder move.

"I saw the guy coming around the corner and I thought he was going to use the sink,” the clerk told KTVU. “When he passed the sink, I turned and saw the gun. He demanded cash and I held up my hands. He started swinging the gun back and forth. When the gun got close to him, I saw my opportunity. I grabbed it by both ends and just yanked it out of his hand.”

The would-be robber sprinted out of the store after his gun was taken. The clerk, who wished to be identified only as Mark, said his decision to grab the gun was adrenaline-fueled.

“I was a little nervous at first,” he said. “Then the adrenaline kicked in and I just reacted.”

Mark called his move a bold, and possibly stupid, decision.

"If you look back, some people say hero, some people say brave, others say stupid," he said. "It’s a little bit of all three, actually. I don’t know if it was the right move, but it got a gun off the street.”

He added that he has no interest in being called a hero, either.

“Heroes are those who rescue other people; they are [not just trying to] save themselves,” he said. 

Here is footage of the attempted stickup:

Sources: KTVU, Huffington Post


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