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6th Grade Student Brings Handgun to School for Protection, Threatens to Shoot Girl

A 6th grade student brought a .22-caliber pistol to West Kearns Elementary School in Kearns, Utah on Monday.

The unidentified 11-year-old boy said that his parents told him to bring a gun to school for protection following the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday, reports Fox 13 News.

The boy reportedly pulled the gun out of his backpack during recess on Monday morning.

Isabel Rios, one of the boy’s fellow students, said: "At recess, he pointed a gun to my head and said he was going to kill me."

Granite School District officials say students didn’t notify teachers about the weapon until 3 p.m.

Granite School District Spokesman Ben Horsley said: “Once the teacher knew there was a weapon in the classroom, the student was apprehended in 30 to 45 seconds and immediately brought down to the office and the police were on site within five to 10 minutes."

School administrators said they didn’t lock the school down because the gun was taken into possession quickly and they felt a lockdown would have scared the students.

On Tuesday, some parents decided to keep their children home from school.

Police were investigating to determine what the boy’s parents’ role may have been in the incident.

The student was taken to a juvenile hall and has been suspended from school, and criminal charges may be filed by the end of the week.


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