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69-Year-Old Man Gets Himself A Teen Girlfriend, Doesn't Realize Her Plan Until It's Too Late

A 69-year-old man was allegedly robbed and kidnapped by his 17-year-old girlfriend and two other men on Jan. 2. After being locked in the trunk of a car, the victim was able to escape. The three attackers could each face a life sentence in prison.

Destiny Marie Gerwatowski, the victim’s girlfriend, reportedly created the plan with Alphonso Lamarr Straughter Jr. and Tajick Lewis Jackson. On the night of Jan. 2, the trio robbed the victim of his wallet.

“After they got my wallet, they were ticked off because there was only $90 in my wallet," the man said. "They threw me in the trunk of my car and started backing out the driveway.”

He was able to escape after he found a lighter in the trunk which allowed him to see the emergency trunk release. When he felt the car moving forward he opened the trunk and jumped out, landing in the right lane of a highway. He was able to run across the highway and call 911 from a liquor store.

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Gerwatowksi and the two men, both in their 30s, were arrested by Jan. 4. Southgate Police Chief Thomas Coombs said: “(Officers) eventually were able to determine who the suspects were within two days. All people were arrested and in custody." 

The three attackers face charges including carjacking, armed robbery, home invasion and unlawful imprisonment. The sentences for these crimes can amount to life in prison. Even though she is only 17, Gerwatowski is being charged as an adult.

The man was able to escape without serious injury, but questioned whether he would make it out alive, saying: "I thought this was going to be my last car ride. My own personal car was going to be my hearse."

Source: MyFox Detroit / Photo Source: MyFox Detroit


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