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68-Year-Old Man Sentenced To Six Years For Waving Money At Children

A 68-year-old British man who was accused of waving a £5 note at a 9-year-old girl in an attempt to lure her into his apartment was sentenced to six years in prison.

Police say Keren Horinek would have sexually assaulted the girl during the May 18 incident had she not run away.

Prosecutors told the Chelmsford Crown Court that Horinek stood in the window of his apartment waving money at children. He was arrested after one girl’s mother called police.

Judge Patricia Lynch called Horinek a “danger to children.” 

She gave him an extended sentence. If he reoffends within two years of his release he will return to prison.

“You have an attraction to young children and told police you would have abducted the child and would have sexually assaulted her,” Lynch ruled. “Mercifully, nothing terrible happened here.”

Horinek was previously convicted of indecent assault on a boy and girl under age 16.

“I am satisfied you represent a danger to children especially pre-pubescent girls,” Lynch said.

During his sentencing, Horinek made a series of outbursts including shouting: “Nothing happened to her. By the time I’m released I’ll be bloody dead. I’ll slash my throat. I may as well say cheerio.”

A 78-year-old Chicago man was sentenced this month to less than one year in jail for sexually abusing two girls. Arthur McGhee pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse of two children under age 13. In exchange for the plea, prosecutors dropped nine addition counts, the Chicago Tribune reported.

McGhee apologized to his victims, alleging that he didn’t know he had hurt them.

"I’d like to say I’m very sorry for hurting (the victims)," he said. "I would truly never knowingly hurt (them), and I am sorry if I did."

Sources: Daily Mail, Chicago Tribune

Image source: Flickr Creative Commons / Andy Rennie


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