67-Year-Old Missouri Man, Facing Rape Charges, Claims 11-Year-Old 'Seduced' Him

67-year-old Cleo Morgan, facing charges of rape and sodomy for his alleged abuse of his neighbor’s 11-year-old daughter, claims that the girl seduced him.

The Republic, Missouri man has been accused of raping and abusing the girl, who stayed at his home regularly over a span  offour months.

Morgan's wife, Donna Harper, reportedly banned the 11-year-old from coming to their home because the girl was “breaking up her marriage,” according to KY3.

The victim told police that she initially slept on the couch, but that Morgan took her into his room and molested her.

A probable cause statement said that once Harper knocked on the door during one of their instances together. The girl hid under the covers so Harper wouldn’t see her. She also said Morgan told her “if people found out what they did then he would go to jail and Donna would be left at home with no one to care for her.”

At first, Morgan denied the allegations. Then he switched his story, claiming the girl “seduced him” and that he had stopped their relationship because she “got real possessive of him.”

Harper told the girl’s family that her husband wasn’t a predator or pedophile, but that it was their daughter’s fault for climbing on his lap.

As evidence, police have taken Morgan’s bed sheets and cell phone, as well as the girl’s diary, which her mother handed over. It contains entries like "I [heart] CFM" and "Party Cleo's B-Day."

Morgan faces one charge of statutory rape, four counts of sodomy, and two counts of child molestation. He is being held on $75,000 bail. If convicted, he faces 10 to 30 years in prison.

Sources: KY3


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