67-Year-Old Grandmother Beaten For Standing Up To Carjackers


A 67-year-old Indianapolis grandmother is recovering after being beaten by three young men who were attempting to steal her van.

Kay Kise told FOX59 News that she had been out Christmas shopping and was just arriving at her house when three male teens, about 16-years-old, approached her to ask for directions. After Kise gave the young men directions, one of them pulled a gun on her.

“And the next thing I know, he’s got a gun right in my face,” Kise said. “And he’s telling me, ‘Give me the keys to that van.'”

Kise refused to hand over the keys, and instead  ‘slapped’ the gun away from her face and to the side. One of the suspects then hit her on the side of the head, knocking her back into her van. When she came to, she realized that she was sitting in the back seat of the van with a swelling, bloody wound on her head. Her keys were still in her hand.

“I wasn’t about to let no young punk take my car,” Kise said.

The suspects fled after a 13-year-old neighbor saw what was happening and yelled at them from next door. “I looked down there, and I saw that her face was swollen and bleeding,” the teen told FOX59. “I was scared, and I ran upstairs and was like ‘Ms. Kay is hurt mom, Ms. Kay is hurt!'”

Kise sustained several injuries to her face in the attack, including facial fractures and “bleeding on her brain.” Her left eye is swollen shut. “I know it’s just a vehicle, but it’s the only thing I’ve got,” Kise said of her decision to protect her van from the suspects. “And I don’t have no money to buy another one with. So they weren’t going to take it from me.”

Source: FOX59 News / Photo Credit: abc7chicago.com


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