65-Year-Old Mike Reda Gets Angry After Girlfriend Breaks Up With Him, Murders Her Friends At Senior Center


A 65-year-old man in Detroit reportedly went on a rampage after being dumped by his girlfriend, and now two people are dead as a result.

Mike Reda allegedly took an AK-47 to the senior center where he lived and shot two women, both of whom were friends with Reda’s now ex-girlfriend. Following the shooting, Reda reportedly snuck out a side door of the Pablo Davis Elder Community Center, but was later found by authorities and arrested.

Paul Frantangelo, a neighbor, was sitting outside the senior center with one woman, who was in her 50s, when he said Reda approached with the gun.

“He told me to get on the ground and start praying,” Frantangelo said. “He let off a round and he shot my friend in the head. My ears were starting to ring.”

Right after he shot the first women in the head, he apparently walked inside and shot the second woman, who was in her 60s. Police have yet to release the identity of the women.

Reports now show that Reda had just gotten into an argument with his ex and had been drinking when he showed up with the gun. Apparently, he blamed the two women for causing the break-up, so he shot them dead.

“The girl he broke up with said some trouble was going to happen,” a neighbor told Fox 2 News Detroit. “We all took it as sure we’ll be careful. She said he’s going to shoot somebody and we didn’t take it for what it was said and it happened.”

Reda is now in custody while police are continuing to investigate the shooting.


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