64-Year-Old Man Stabbed at Gas Station, Nobody Tries to Help (Video)

An unidentified 64-year-old Detroit man was repeatedly stabbed at a gas station, and no one bothered to help.

The attack took place at a Detroit gas station last week. The man said he was initially approached by a would-be thief who demanded money. After the man refused to give him any money, the thief started punching the man repeatedly. The thief ultimately resorted to stabbing the man and the stabbing continued until the victim passed out.

“I didn’t realize that I was bleeding until I hit the floor,” the unidentified man said. “All the blood started coming out and I got real weak and I couldn’t move.”

After the attack, he was left with stab wounds to his chest and abdomen. The man is expected to survive, but may have to undergo additional surgery in the near future.

“The three or four other people in the gas station,” he said. “They could have easily held him until the police got there. But they didn’t show any kind of favoritism. It makes me feel like people don’t care what happens to other people. I understood that he had a gun, but I never saw a gun."

Fortunately, police arrested a 27-year-old man who lived near the gas station and he is facing charges related to the assault.

Sources: NewsOne, WXYZ


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