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'60 Minutes' Reporter Steve Kroft Admits To Steamy Affair With NY Lawyer

Steve Kroft, a “60 Minutes” correspondent and veteran journalist who has famously confronted politicians about their affairs in the past, has reportedly confirmed that he cheated on his wife, and now, text messages sent between him and his mistress have been leaked. Far more interesting than the affair, though, are the tidbits he allegedly dropped about President Obama during his exchanges with the woman. 

According to The Daily Mail, Kroft and lawyer Lisan Goines embarked on a three-year affair after meeting in a New York hotel back in 2011. In steamy text messages published by the NY Post, the couple talks bluntly about the most intimate parts of their relationship — among other things.

As noted by the New York Post:

Kroft was proud to boast to Goines about his closeness to the leader of the free world — and let slip that Obama “hates” his attorney general, Eric Holder.

“[Kroft] definitely said Obama feels comfortable with him, because he was the first person to take him seriously when he was running for president,” the insider said.

“They have a rapport. They used to smoke together.”

It didn't end there. 

The Post also reports that Kroft bragged "about his buddy-buddy rapport with President Obama, whom he referred to as 'Barry.'”

Obviously, certain personal details about the affair were revealed as well. 

“Miss you and all that goes with it,” Kroft reportedly wrote to Goines. “Especially my favorite tastes and colors … pink and brown.”


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The Daily Mail says that Kroft confided in Goines about being trapped in a sexless marriage with fellow journalist Jennet Conant, and soon after meeting, the two began a long, passionate love affair. Shocking reports claim that the two had a steamy sexual relationship and would frequently spend nights together at hotels.

According to the New York Post, despite being worth a reported $16 million, Kroft was “cheap” and didn’t treat his mistress as one would expect.

“Of all the times she traveled to meet him in DC, Steve only paid once, and as the affair continued, the affairs went on from luxury to kind of low end,” a source told the NY Post’s Page Six. “The whole thing soured because she got to the point where it was only about Steve. Lisan never wanted him to leave his wife, and she never contemplated leaving her husband and she told him it was best that it end.”

The Daily Mail also alleges that Goines frequently sent sexy selfies to the journalist, and Kroft reportedly told her to dress like “Laura Bush, not Beyonce,” in order to help keep their affair a secret.

When the affair ended, the two reportedly still continued to meet up until last month when paparrazi caught them making out in the back of a cab.

Now, Kroft , a five-time Peabody Award winner, is being honest about his affair and insisting that it does not reflect on his job as a journalist.

“I had an extramarital affair that was a serious lapse of personal judgment and extremely hurtful to my wife and family, and for that I have nothing but regret,” Kroft said in a statement to the NY Post. “My wife and I are committed to each other and are working hard to get past this.”

“This was a personal failure, not a professional one,” Kroft also noted in his statement, “and had no impact whatsoever on my job as a journalist.”

Sources: Daily Mail, NY Post Page Six, US Weekly / Photo Source: NY Post Page Six


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