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6-Year-Old Left Alone After Day Care Closes

6-Year-Old Left Alone After Day Care Closes Promo Image

A Tennessee mom said her 6-year-old son was left by himself outside after his day care closed early for Veterans Day.

Mom Megan Talley said that one of the boy's teachers found him by himself crying outside the Precious Memories day care in Parrotsville after it had closed early on Nov. 10, KNXV reports.

"I almost went into a full blown panic attack," Talley told WATE. The mother said she got a call from the school after the teacher found her son. "Oh my God. How long has he been by himself? What's going on? Why isn't anyone there?"

Because Veterans Day fell on a Saturday, Talley said she hadn't thought the day care would close early on the day before.

Pam Suggs, who owns the day care, said the holiday had been listed in a policy packet that was given to parents, as well as written on the window of the day care and in a newsletter next to the school's sign-in sheet.

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"I think it was just a miscommunication and she just did not know that we were closed," Suggs said.

Suggs says the day care also tells families about closings the week they happen. Because Talley's son didn't come to school that week, Suggs said they weren't able to give his parents a reminder about the holiday.

Suggs said none of the other parents from the school has trouble with the early closing.

"We can't run down just one person when their child is not present," said the owner.

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Talley sent a complaint to the Tennessee Department of Human Services via email. A DHS spokesperson said the department was aware of what had happened and was investigating.

In another story in Ohio, a 6-year-old girl was left alone on a day care bus for hours after she was picked up from school, according to WJW.

Leayza Smith was reportedly picked up by her day care bus from school around 3 p.m. on March 23, which took her and other children to their day care, Mandi's Playhouse in Sheffield. The bus is reported to have arrived at the day care at about 3:45 p.m.

Three hours later, when Leayza's mother, Brianna Crim, arrived to pick up her daughter, she was told that no one had seen the girl.

"They said the school agers were outside, so when I went outside, she wasn't there and then we all, everybody's running around looking for her, calling around," recalled Crim. "No one's seen her; she hasn't been here all day."

"As they started to look for her, employees checked the roster, seeing that she was signed in to the day care center as getting off the school bus," Sheffield Village Detective Aaron Bober said.

"One of the kids said she got on the bus," said Crim. "She just never got out and came in the building."

As it turned out, Leayza had been stuck in the bus by herself for hours.

"So they went out the school bus, found the daughter, the 6-year-old girl, in urine-soaked pants, crying at the door," said Bober.

Driver Philip Jones and bus monitor Adreana Taylor were both fired from their jobs at the day care, and charged with misdemeanor child endangering.

According to Bober, the incident was not the first at Mandi's Playhouse.

"I believe five times, they were found non-compliant in attendance checking since 2015," said the detective.

Bober added that Jones and Taylor didn't check the bus to make sure all of the students had gotten out.

"He did not take it upon himself, neither did the bus monitor, to check the school bus seats to make sure nobody was left behind," Bober said.

Sources: KNXV, WATE, WJW / Featured Image: Ken Hawkins/Flickr / Embedded Images: Isaac and Aaron Goldberg/Flickr, Kids Work Chicago Daycare/Flickr

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