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6-Year-Old Killed In Louisiana Car Chase, Investigators Plan To Meet With Marshals Who Shot Fleeing Car

A 6-year-old boy in Louisiana was shot and killed on Nov. 3 while in a car with his father, who was fleeing from police. The city marshals who pursued the vehicle eventually opened fire and shot the boy, as well as shooting his father in the head.

The Town Talk reported on Nov. 5 it is currently unclear why city marshals from Marksville, Louisiana, were pursuing the man, Chris Few. Various sources have stated he was fleeing police after a fight at a local bar, that he fled after a traffic stop, and that he fled after marshals tried to serve him a warrant.

His son, Jeremy Mardis, died after being shot multiple times in the head and chest, according to Coroner Dr. L.J. Mayeux. Jeremy was in the first grade at Lafargue Elementary School, in Ayovelles Parish. Few was taken to hospital and underwent surgery.

Ayovelles Parish Schools Superintendent Blaine Dauzat said that Jeremy's death was a tragic loss of life, and told the Ayovelles Today website that grief counseling was available for both the staff and students.

The shooting occurred at around 9:30 p.m. The Town Talk reports that some of its sources say Few attempted to ram a police vehicle, although state police have only said that a preliminary investigation into the shooting found that the marshals "discharged their duty weapons, at a vehicle, at the conclusion of a pursuit."

The marshals were due to meet with Louisiana State Police investigators on Nov. 5 to discuss the shooting, according to The Associated Press. Col. Mike Edmonson said he and his investigative team will sit down with the Marksville police chief to determine exactly what happened.

"Anytime an individual is killed, especially a child, it's a tragedy," Edmonson said. "The investigative team spent 12 hours Wednesday [Nov. 4] going through the entire scene from a forensic standpoint to get the trajectory of the bullets, find and count the casings and generally put the scene together."

Sources: The Town Talk, AP via NY Daily News / Photo Credit: Facebook via NY Daily News


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