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6-Year-Old Girl Saves Pregnant Mom's Life Before Mother's Day (Video)

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A little girl in Hemet, California, might have given her mom the Mother’s Day gift of a lifetime after she called 911 to save her life.

NBC Los Angeles interviewed the girl and her mother about the incident, which occurred on Saturday morning (video below). Madison Nunez, 6, discovered her pregnant mother, Jovanna Nunez, was unconscious.

The girl called her grandparents in Japan for help and they instructed her to contact emergency services.

“I called 911,” Madison told reporters.

Soon, paramedics as well as the fire department arrived on scene.

“We pull up in front of the home and the little girl comes out with her iPhone in her hand,” paramedic Chris Galletta said, “and said that she was speaking to her mom and her mom became frozen.”

Emergency professionals then discovered that the mother was a diabetic. Her blood sugar levels had dipped dangerously low.

“She was unconscious and nobody else was home,” said Hemet Fire Department Captain Bill Herder.

Officials were able to quickly treat Jovanna, and she soon regained her consciousness.

“I think it’s great,” Galleta said, “right before Mother’s Day, too. When her mom came to, we told her that she called 911 for her mom and mom had a big smile on her face.”

After being treated at the hospital, Jovanna told reporters: “For Mother’s Day, I’m going to be pretty much cherishing her. She saved my life.”

She added, “She is my hero.” 

Source: NBCPress-Enterprise 

Photo Credit: NBC


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