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6-Year-Old Girl Donates Two Feet Of Hair To Children With Cancer

Charlie Tillotson, dubbed a real-life Rapunzel, decided to chop off two feet of her hair so that she could donate it to a child with cancer.

The 6-year-old, who had never trimmed or cut her hair, decided to donate her locks to a child with cancer after watching a TV program about kids battling the disease.

“She just came out and asked if I’d mind if she had all her hair chopped off and donated it to children with cancer,” Steve Tillotson said of his daughter. “I’ve always been against her having her hair cut off because she’s never wanted that, but I couldn’t really say no.”

On July 14, the Tillotsons visited the Upper Cut salon in Sidmouth where hairdresser and family friend Rianne Woodruff chopped off Charlie’s hair. Some 30 locals showed up to watch.

Woodruff noted that Charlie was nervous about cutting her hair but that Mrs. Tillotson was more upset than anyone else.

Charlie’s hair was donated to Little Princess Trust, an organization that makes wigs for kids with hair disorders or who have lost their hair during radiation treatment for cancer.

When asked what she thought about the success of her charity drive, Charlie responded positively.

“I think it’s good!” she said, adding that she plans to donate her hair again.

In addition to donating her hair, Charlie hoped to raise money for Children With Cancer, UK. In an effort to support his daughter, Mr. Tilltotson set up a fundraising drive on JustGiving and explained that his daughter wanted to raise about $1,000.

So far, the account has collected almost $2,400. It will remain open for donations for one year.

Sources: IJReview, TODAY

Photo Credit: Steve Tillotson


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