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6 Women Rob And Attack Teen, Then Write A Special Message On Her Forehead

An Ohio teen was reportedly driven to a location by her then-boyfriend and ambushed by six women. Later, the assailants reportedly posted video and photos on social media.

According to reports, 19-year-old Cheyanne Willis was driven to the parking lot of a suburban Cincinnati mall by her former boyfriend, 20-year-old Quincy Gardner, and upon arriving, a group of six women, two of whom she knows, reportedly began to assault her. Willis said she had her head slammed against the car and her hair cut as the women took turns beating and kicking her.

In the video, which was posted on social media by the attackers following the assault, Willis can be heard pleading with the women to stop attacking her, but they ignore her cries and continue their assault. The women use eyeliner to write “I got my a-- whooped” on Willis’ forehead before each one of them signed her name below it.

Before the women left Willis, they reportedly stole her purse, which contained $50 and her cellphone, then destroyed her driver’s license and told the 19-year-old that they would kill her if she reported the incident to the police.

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Both Gardner and 21-year-old Cheyenne Fisher were arrested and charged with robbery in connection to the assault.

Willis says she believes the reason for the attack was connected to a car she tried to buy. She says the car's owner was one of the attackers.

“I wanted to just die,” Willis told WCPO. “I really wish they would have killed me. I don't want to be here no more, honestly."

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“I'm traumatized,” Willis continued. "I jump at every noise I hear. I have dreams. I don't want to leave my mom's side."

"I'm humiliated," she added. "I'm scared to show my face if I'm out."

Police say they are continuing to investigate the attack.

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