Six Trump Aides Dismissed After Failing Background Checks

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Six White House staffers were fired recently after they failed to pass FBI background checks.

Security escorted a number of President Donald Trump's aides out of the White House on Feb. 15, Politico reports. They had failed the SF86, an intensive questionnaire used for national security positions.

Trump's director of scheduling, Caroline Wiles, reportedly resigned before the background check was finished. She is expected to assume a new position in the administration that doesn't require the same level of security clearance.

"It has been my honor to serve President Trump in the campaign and the transition," Wiles wrote in a statement, according to The Florida Times-Union. "I resigned my position last Friday and look forward to serving the Administration in a new capacity beginning next week."

The other five staffers have not been identified, though two are said to have been candidates for the National Security Council, the Daily Mail reports.

The questionnaire is over 100 pages long and requires detailed information about an individual's finances, criminal record, use of alcohol and other substances, and connections to foreign governments, among other things.

A White House aide who spoke on condition of anonymity told the Daily Mail that the dismissals came as a surprise.

"I guess I'm one of the lucky ones," he said. "Nobody knows what happened with them. But this is the White House, and the feds make the rules."

Sources: Politico, Daily Mail, The Florida Times-Union / Photo credit: Ad Meskens/Wikimedia Commons

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