58-Year-Old Grandmother Arrested And Put In Jail For Five Days Because Police Thought She Was Someone Else


A 58-year-old Georgia grandmother was mistakenly arrested and brought to jail for five days when an officer mistook her for someone else.

Pamela Lawrence of Gwinnett County says she was driving in Snellville one day when an officer pulled her over. Lawrence’s name reportedly appeared in Georgia’s crime data system for larceny, and without being given a reason, the officer arrested her. Lawrence, whose three-year-old granddaughter was in the car with her when she was pulled over, wound up spending five days in jail before police realized they had made a huge mistake.

Reports say that the warrant used to arrest Lawrence was actually for a woman named Pamela D. Jones from Covington, and because Lawrence’s maiden name is Jones, the officer believed she was the wanted woman. Lawrence says she has not used her maiden name in over a decade, has never lived in Covington and the middle initial would not make sense because she does not have a middle name.

“My credibility, my word, my word that I was gonna be there because that’s important to me. That’s how I live, that’s how I carry myself. This was all thrown away because of errors,” Lawrence said.

Police are reportedly conducting an internal investigation, and Lawrence says her job may be on the line, even though she was mistakenly arrested. The 58-year-old grandmother says it will take a long time for her life to get back to normal.

“There’s no logical reason for this,” Lawrence stated. “Somebody has to answer for this.”

Sources: My Fox Atlanta, The Free Thought Project


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