55-Year-Old Romano Dias Dies After Mistaking Liquid Meth For Health Drink


A 55-year-old man died of an overdose after mistaking $50,000 worth of liquid crystal meth for a health drink.

Romano Dias poured himself a glass of what appeared to be a fruit-based drink, which was mistakenly delivered to his daughter Katee’s home in Cambridgeshire, England, three years ago.

The bottle’s label said it was a health drink. Under the cap was a cork.

Dias’ partner Debra Dulson said he immediately declared the drink tasted “awful” and complained of his throat burning.

“I am in trouble here,” Dias said. “I am dying, I am dead.”

Analysis of the bottle found it was £34,000, or $54,430, worth of pure methamphetamine.

It had been delivered to Dias’ daughter’s address but under a different name. She took the package and kept it for six months expecting someone to collect it. Then she opened it and found the bottle.

Investigators say it was probably meant for a dealer.

“It is unique, this is not an event that happens in Cambridgeshire or elsewhere,” Detective Inspector Ian Simmons told Huntington Coroners Court.

Simmons said Dias and his family were in no way connected to the drug trade and there is no evidence that whoever sent the package intended to harm Dias or anyone else.

“This was a completely unaccountable and unforseen chain of events,” he said

His death was ruled an accident.

Sources: Daily Mail, Raw Story


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