53 Dogs Seized from CA Dog Rescuer Kimi Peck, While Allegedly Being Transported to Utah

California dog rescuer Kimi Peck of Tehachapi, California, reportedly relinquished 53 dogs she claimed to be transporting to Best Friends Animal Society in Utah on Friday. Cheyenne Animal Control officers said they found indications of neglect, the Wyoming Tribune Eagle reports. Peck was described as “an alleged animal hoarder.”

Last week, Peck received 55 citations for not having proper rabies vaccination certificates. At that time, the dogs were found to be “well-watered, not in distress, and not one piece of feces could be found,” said Bob Fecht, director of the Cheyenne Animal Shelter.

But by Friday, the situation had changed. Peck was transporting a total of 57 dogs in a trailer, says WyomingNews.com.

“The condition of the trailer (Peck was using to transport the dogs) has deteriorated,” Fecht said.

Peck claimed that the dogs seized were being transported to Best Friend Animal Society. However, “calls to that organization were not returned,” according to the report.

Cheynne Animal Control was called to the Frontier Veterinary Clinic on Riding Club Road north of town Friday after Peck attempted to get rabies vaccinations for 21 dogs, the report says.

“After the vet staff closely examined each animal, it was determined that the overall health of a number of the dogs was poor. The health issues of the animals range in type and severity,” Katie Emmons with the Cheyenne Animal Shelter said in a news release.

Peck, has been the subject of controversy during the past several years in California and Colorado for her part in alleged dog hoarding, WyomingNews.com reports.

She is now due to appear in court next week in Wyoming regarding the 55 vaccination certificate citations.

Although no new citation were served on Friday. Fecht explained, “We normally don’t cite people if they turn in their pets voluntarily, but if she remains in the area and we find additional violations, we could cite her again.”

Peck will be allowed to keep four dogs that were in good health, but will not be allowed to take back ownership of the other 53 dogs, Fecht said.

Court records show Peck has a lengthy history of charges related to animal welfare, mostly in California, WyomingNews.com reports.

In 2010, she reportedly operated a dog rescue in Tehachapi, but it was shut down a short time later by Kern County officials. Following the closure of her rescue, the local chapter of the Humane Society took in 150 of Peck’s dogs.

Fecht said the shelter will begin to diagnose and medically treat the dogs immediately. But the shelter needs help. “That’s a lot of dogs for us to take care of,” Fecht said.

The shelter is in need of food, bedding, and monetary donations to pay for vaccinations and medical care.

Source: Wyoming News


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