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Mom Spends Thousands To Look Like Jessica Rabbit (Photos)

A 52-year-old mother has spent thousands on cosmetic surgery to look like Jessica Rabbit.

According to Diply, mother-of-two Bee Cameron decided after being "dull and boring" in her 20s, 30s, and 40s, that she wanted "a new body." The mother said she decided she wanted to "be 30 again."

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Cameron started by getting Botox injections after she was "partly inspired by the sexiness of Jessica Rabbit."

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She was satisfied with the results of her Botox injections and decided she wanted to go even further. The next step was breast implants. She got her first implants in 2007, but in 2011, she suffered her first complication when one implant ruptured.

"The left was literally squeezed out of my breast due to a PIP implant rupture," Cameron said.

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She didn't let the mishap stop her, however. Shortly after, Cameron had another breast procedure and had more saline put in her implants.

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"I wanted them big and plastic looking and out there," she said. "I wanted to be 50 and proud of my breasts. The PIP scare didn't worry me and I went back for more surgery."

Cameron says she is proud of her breasts now, which are a size HH. She has a half liter of saline in each breast.

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Cameron then went on to other procedures, next receiving a surgical thigh gap. The surgery didn't quite go as planned, however. Her thighs were left with uneven skin and indents.

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This still didn't deter the mother. She plans to have the surgery corrected and, in the meantime, she is focusing on keeping up with her Botox and facial fillers, which she gets three to five times a year.

She also traveled to Hungary for dental surgery to ensure a perfectly white smile.

Cameron says she doesn't care what others think about her choices.

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"While some will criticize me, I don't mind," she told the Daily Mail. "It's a personal choice and personal choice is important -- if it makes me happy, what's the harm?"

In total, Cameron has spent roughly $100,000 on surgeries. The list includes breast enhancement, teeth capping, thigh gap surgery, mini facelift, lip filler, cosmetic tattoos (her eyebrows), invasive and non-invasive liposuction, 10 years worth of Botox and fillers, and more.

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