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51-Year-Old ID Checker At LaGuardia Makes So Little She Relies On Church Pantry To Survive

A 51-year-old ID checker at New York’s LaGuardia Airport makes so little that she and her disabled 25-year-old son have to turn to the South Bronx church pantry to survive.

Lenora McKeever makes $8.25 an hour and takes home about $260 a week.

“Thank God for the pantry,” she told the New York Daily News.

McKeever lives in a Section 8-subsidized apartment that costs $311 a month. She says she owes $3,999 in back rent.

“I’m in a pit, and I can’t get out,” she said.

“I’ve done all kinds of jobs — jobs that treated its employees like they were somebody,” she said.

She formerly worked at the Ramada Inn hotel chain and for the city of New York, making decent wages.

She doesn’t have health insurance and hasn’t see a doctor in two years.

“I’m walking by faith,” she said. “I pray that I don’t become homeless.”

McKeever protested against unpaid holidays and low wages on Monday along with 400 other airport workers from LGA, John F. Kennedy International Airport, and Newark Liberty International Airport.

“We are fighting for our very lives out here,” she told the Queens Chronicle. “I spend so much time in housing court, trying to keep from being evicted. It’s a struggle just to keep a roof over my head.”

Sources: New York Daily News, Queens Chronicle


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