Locals Attempt To Figure Out What Large ‘Creature’ In Water Actually Is (Photo)

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Visitors are flocking to the British seaside town of Whistable in the hopes of catching a supposed 50-foot crab whose photo has gone viral in recent days. 

While some insist that the photo, which shows a crab that must be at least 50 feet wide, is concrete proof of the creature’s existence, others argue that the figure is nothing more than a shadow or some kind of hoax.

In the photo, taken at the mouth of Kent harbor, the giant crab dwarfs the nearby fishing boats. Its appearance is similar to an edible crab, a species commonly found in British waters which grows to about 5 inches.

The photo was uploaded to Weird Whistable after a follower sent it to website curator Quinton Winter. Though Winter said he first thought that the image was an unusual sand formation, he’s now convinced that it’s a giant crab. Winter even claimed that he saw the creature himself while crabbing with his son last summer.

“At first all I could see was some faint movement, then as it rose from the water I thought, ‘That’s a funny looking bit of driftwood,’” Winter said.

Winter added that the giant crab had “glazed blank eyes” and “crushing claws.”

Yet graphic artist Ashley Austen has remained skeptical of the image, noting that an image of a giant crab can be easily created in Photoshop.

“All the ‘artist’ has to do is find a suitable image of a crab, overlay it on to the satellite picture of the harbor and apply a few filters to get the realistic look,” Austen said.

The largest known crab is the Japanese spider crab, which can measure more than 12 feet in width.

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Sources: DailyMail, Kent Online

Photo Credit: Weird Whitsable


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