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Huge Wasp Nest Discovered On Woman's Spare Room Bed (Photos)

A homeowner in Winchester, United Kingdom was shocked to discover that 5,000 wasps had created a 3-foot nest on his bed.

When contacted regarding this incident, pest control expert John Birkett said that in his 45 years in the field he has never seen something quite like this.

The homeowner, who is choosing to remain anonymous, says that she hadn’t been in her spare room in months when her son decided to open the door and look inside. The window had apparently been left open all that time, so close to 5,000 wasps had created a 3-foot nest and chewed through the pillows and into the mattress.

“In 45 years I have never seen anything like it,” said Birkett.. “There must have been 5,000 wasps. It was a job to deal with it. I had protective gear on. At one stage there must have been 2,000 wasps buzzing around me. If someone had gone in to the room and not known what it was it would have been pretty serious. The only similar thing in a room was one the size of a tennis ball.”

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Birkett says he was able to save the blanket that was on the bed and had to kill the wasps by using a spray.

“It is amazing how they build it, by chewing the wood off gates and things,” Birkett said. “Although they are a pest in homes they are a friend of the gardener by killing aphids. I thought 'what a shame', but I had a job to do and the client was terrified.”

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