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500-Pound Pig Found In Detroit Basement (Video)

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Detroit and Michigan authorities are investigating after a 500-pound pig was found in the basement of a Detroit home.

According to reports, police were alerted to the pig thanks to an anonymous caller, who claimed the pig had been fed human remains. When officers arrived at the home, they found the pig standing in feces but did not discover anything suspicious.

The owner of the home, Gary Roquemore, was found dead in a nearby home earlier this week. Neighbors identified Roquemore as the owner of both the home and the pig, although police have yet to confirm the owner’s identity officially. 

Police, who described Roquemore as a hoarder, said the house was in shocking condition.

“No pun intended but it looks like a pigsty,” Assistant Police Chief Steve Dolunt said. “There's 2 feet of feces down there." A strong odor reportedly came from multiple homes across the street from Roquemore’s, including one in which he was found dead.

“There is a stench emanating from all three homes. It looks like at this time, preliminarily, this is a hoarder, so we can't tell what we have in all three homes,” Dolunt said. 

The pig was ultimately removed from the home with the help of an animal rescue group after the pig was determined to be too large for a farmer to remove.

Sources: WXYZ, Mad World News

Photo Credit: Screenshot via WXYZ


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