5-Year-Old Ohio Boy Brings Gun to Day Care


A scare at a day care center in Ohio when a five-year-old brought a gun to the facility. Fortunately it was not loaded and no one was hurt.

The Toledo Blade reports that the boy found the gun Monday in the grass at his apartment complex in West Toledo.

Toledo police Sgt. Joe Heffernan said the boy told his mother about it but "she failed to examine the gun."

So the boy brought the gun to day care on Tuesday. He was showing it to friends, thinking it was a cigarette lighter, when adults saw what was going on.

"We thought it was a toy, and on further investigation, we noticed it wasn't a toy and we called his parents," said administrator Montarey Barbour. She said when they told the boy the gun was not a toy, "he was pretty upset about the situation."

Police arrived and took the gun away.

Although this story has a happy ending, it could have been very different.

"It could have been tragic," Sgt. Heffernan said. "It could have been loaded. He could have pointed it at himself thinking a flame would shoot out and accidentally have shot himself."


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