5-Year-Old Child Stripped Naked In Front Of Classmates By Teacher For Being "Mischievous"


A school in India is under investigation after a teacher allegedly stripped a 5-year-old boy and placed him in a rodent-infested area as punishment for being “mischievous.”

While the boy was forced to stand naked in the unsanitary area of the building that housed the school, Shahran Muscati, who runs a college on a different floor of the building, took a picture of the young child as proof that the horrific punishment actually occurred.

"I was horrified when I saw the child,” said Muscati. “He was feeling very embarrassed as there were other kids staring and laughing at him. This was not the first time that something like this has happened here.”

The school’s principal came to the defense of the teacher despite outrage from people all over once the story broke.

"The child is very mischievous,” said school principal Atherunissa. “The mother complained to us that her son was troubling her at home. The boy has older siblings studying at the school against whom we received complaints too but such punishment cannot be given to them.”

After The Times of India reported on this story, many readers expressed outrage that the school would allow this to go on. Muscati commented on an article, saying that he will not stop fighting to punish the school for what they did to the innocent child.

“I am simply overwhelmed and humbled now, and I must admit I have been getting so anxious lately with so much pressure from all sides to withdraw my complaints, I had decided to stand my ground and now reading all your comments restores my faith in humanity, it has fortified my resolve to stand and fight,” wrote Muscati in the comment. “I am glad so many of you think the way I do. I am glad I took the pictures I did. The things I saw will trouble my memory for a long time to come, but I couldn't let an innocent child suffer alone with everyone laughing around him. Someone had to stand up for him. The day I took this picture the principal Mrs. Ather barged into my office as I was closing down for the day,(she had found out about the story being done on her horrible act) she had around 10-15 people with her threatening, cussing, shouting, screaming and creating a huge scene in my office. I was a little scared then but reading all your comments gives me strength. Thank You. I am glad there are others who think like I do.”

According to reports, police are now investigating the incident after receiving complaints from concerned citizens.

“I asked the DCP West Zone to register a case and look into the incident,” said State Minorities Commission Chairman Abid Rasool Khan. “I have also asked the DEO to look into the matter and initiate action against the school if the allegations are proven.”


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