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5-Year-Old Boy Sitting Next To Parents’ Bag Of Cocaine Tests Positive: Police

A 5-year-old California boy tested positive for cocaine after authorities stopped his father's car and found the child sitting in the backseat next to a half-pound bag of the drug, police said.

Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies accused the 5-year-old’s parents, 31-year-old Marco Cuevas and 29-year-old Sandy Cuevas, of running a drug empire. The narcotics task force who stopped Cuevas’ vehicle say they’ve been running guns and dealing drugs in the county for months.

Authorities said Sandy Cuevas, who is pregnant with her fourth child, had $10,000 in drug money in her possession at the time of the arrest.

Investigators allegedly found a cache of drugs and weapons at their home after serving a search warrant, the Daily News reported. The couple lived in the house with three kids.

Authorities confiscated several pounds of marijuana, 16 guns, almost 3,000 rounds of ammunition, hundreds of pills and $75,000 in cash.

Sandy Cuevas’ sister claims there is no way the 5-year-old was high, but deputies claimed preliminary tests showed cocaine in his system.

She told KTLA her sister is “the perfect mom.”

Marco Cuevas was charged with possession for sale of cocaine, conspiracy to sell cocaine, weapons violations and child endangerment. He is being held on $1 million bail.

Sandy Cuevas was charged with possession for sale of cocaine, conspiracy to sell cocaine and child endangerment. She was released on bail.

Sources: Daily News, KTLA

Image credit: Venture County Sheriff's Office


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