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Arizona Boy, 5, Gets Accused Of ‘Sexual Misconduct’

Eric Lopez, a kindergartner at Ashton Ranch Elementary School in Surprise, Arizona, was recently forced to serve detention for an unusual offense: sexual misconduct.

The little boy was playing on his school’s playground when another child instructed him to pull his pants down “or else he would do it for him,” reports Daily Mail. The child did as he was told, pulling down both his pants and underwear in front of other students.

School administrators responded to this incident by taking Eric to the principal’s office and forcing him to sign a document that labeled his actions as "sexual misconduct," according to the child’s mother.

Erica Martinez says the school did not contact her immediately after the incident and that she only learned about it after her son was told to sign the paper.

“He’s a 5-year-old,” Martinez said. “He does not know right from wrong yet.”

Martinez says she fears the label will follow her son throughout school and that he only signed the paper because he was forced to do so. When she tried to appeal the school’s actions and have the document removed from Eric’s permanent record, she was told it couldn’t be done.

“My son is not a sexualized minor,” Martinez told AZ Family. “I’m just heartbroken. That’s not my son.”

Dysart Unified School District representatives insist the school’s administrators were simply following the proper protocol when they took disciplinary action against the young boy. Indecent exposure is considered a form of sexual misconduct, according to their rules, and parents are not required to be at the school during the meeting that follows the incident, unless the child asks for them.

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Sources: Daily Mail, AZ Family


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