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5 Things The Media Loves Pretending Are News

Not long ago, an article of mine was published on, a comedy website, that pointed out examples of lazy/filler journalism that weren't just celebrity gossip and fear mongering. You can read the full article here.

Here is a basic outline (NOTE: This list isn't in a "countdown" format, so don't expect #1 to be the worst or whatever.):

5. "Let's hear what the idiot has to say." By all means, give both sides of an argument when discussing something based on opinion or personal beliefs, but when it comes to an issue that's requires an actual background and extensive knowledge on a certain subject, you shouldn't give non-experts the same treatment as experts.

4. "_______gate." Tacking "-gate" to the end of something does not make on par with the original Watergate scandal, nor does it make it newsworthy.

3. "Now for the Weather." Two issues: reporting weather that is blatantly obvious and needs no reporting ("it's snowing! In Chicago! In January!"), and hyping an upcoming storm like it's an action movie.

2. "Recycled News." Various news reports that we get every year. The "war on Christmas," reporting on "black Friday," and shark safety tips are among these.

1. "Passing Advertisements Off as News." Ads that are dressed up news stories. These "stories" tend to note how you can buy the product being reported on and how awesome it is.

So I've started this thread for two reasons:

-Sharing your thoughts on the points raised in the article.

-What are things you want news outlets to do less/more of?


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