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5 Teens Face Felony Charges After Gang Rape Of South Florida Girl

Five South Florida teens — two girls and three boys — are being charged with participating in the beating and rape of another teenage girl.

The girls, ages 15 and 16, invited a 16-year-old South Broward High School student to a Hollywood home Friday evening, the Associated Press reported police saying.

The victim was being held against her will by the female attackers, smashing the girl’s head against a concrete stoop, throwing her down a stairway, tearing off her clothes and dragging her by her hair into the yard as she begged them to stop. They would not let her go until she agreed to have sex with 19-year-old Jayvon Woolfork in the home.

The girl was so badly beaten that several bones were broken in her face and her eyes were swollen shut, police said. She was taken Monday to Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital in Hollywood to recover.

According to arrest reports, the victim resisted and pleaded with the girls to let her go. The victim was reportedly held down and kicked until she agreed to their demands to perform a sex act on the 19-year-old man. Two other young men, a 17-year-old and Lanelyn Singleton, 18, also took part in the attack, according to the arrest reports.

The Miami Herald reports that the rape was recorded on a cell phone by one of the men in the house.

The two girls were each charged with one count of felony battery. The males were all charged with felony sexual assault, kidnapping and false imprisonment. Woolfork and Singleton were arrested with no bond on Monday. The other three suspects are being held in the county’s juvenile detention center.

The case is still under investigation. Hollywood Police are searching for other possible criminal activity the suspects have been involved in, including drug dealing and human trafficking.

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