5 Pit Bulls Maul Florida Mother Brandi Bookamer as she Protects her Child

A North Daytona mother, Brandi Bookamer, 27, was walking with her six-year-daughter near her home on Mahogany Blvd. near Holly Lane in Bunnell just after 8:00 p.m. on Sunday night, May 5, when she saw a pack of Pit Bulls coming down the street. According to CF News13, the dogs began to attack the woman and the girl.

The young woman ordered her daughter to run home, and she stayed behind to face the dogs. “She screamed for her to run and I'm very proud of her. She did save her daughter,” said Moe Bookamer, Brandi’s father.

The mother was attacked by the five Pit Bulls, leaving puncture wounds and scratches over her entire body and particularly her arms and legs, as she fought the dogs to give her child time to get to safety, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reports.

Bookamer told reporters that Brandi jumped into a ditch while the dogs were attacking. He said a man came out of nowhere and started shooting pellets at the dogs, scaring them off and possibly saving his daughter's life. That scared these dogs off and…if he didn't, they might've killed her," Bookamer said.

“She was laying in the ditch in the water yelling 'Help, Help somebody please God help me,’" said neighbor Susan Riddle.

Sheriff's deputies say Brandi Bookamer suffered "heavy wounds" and was "barely moving" when emergency responders arrived.

She was first taken by ambulance to a local hospital and later airlifted by a Volusia County Sheriff's Office helicopter to Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach for treatment.

The owners of the dogs were located in the neighborhood and Flagler County Animal Control impounded the dogs, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Flagler County Sheriff's Lt. Bob Weber confirmed the dogs were pit bulls.

A neighbor told the Orlando Sentinel that the dogs had been a problem in the community for some time and she had worried because there are a lot of children who live nearby and play in the park. She said when she left for work early in the morning she would see the Pit Bulls chasing after cars on the road.

Donnie Hays, the dogs’ owner, said only three attacked Bookamer. "Yeah, the three that was vicious that bit this woman, I guess they should be put down. They're not safe."

Flagler Humane Society does not know which dogs, if any, will be put down after the vicious attack, according to the CF News13.

Deputies said Bookamer’s condition has been upgraded to satisfactory and she remains hospitalized.

The 6-year-old girl was not injured and is reportedly staying with her grandparents while her mother recovers from the severe mauling which undoubtedly saved the child’s life.

Sources: Orlando Sentinel, CF News, St. Augustine.com


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