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5 Pit Bulls Maul 5-Year-Old Cameron Batzel While Mom Visits Sick Friend

In the fourth serious dog attack reported on Friday, a five-year-old boy is recovering in Pittsburgh’s Children’s Hospital after five 75-pound Pit Bulls mauled him in Scott Township, PA, where his mother was visiting a sick friend, reports WPXI News.

The tragic incident occurred shorting after lunch, according to reports, while Cameron Batzel was playing with the dogs. His mother, Amber Lynne Bayer, told WPXI News she heard her son make a small squeal and suddenly the dogs began biting him.

“One bit him. Then, another one was biting him and he was screaming. I tried to force my way into the middle of all these dogs to put my body in front of my son,” said Bayer.

The mother was also was taken to the hospital for stitches for the bites she sustained while trying to protect her son from the Pit Bulls.

“My two friends were kicking the dogs. Finally, [the dogs] let go,” she told reporters.

Bayer said her son has broken bones and gaping wounds on his head, arms and back that required 20 stitches in his neck, 10 more in his face and he will need plastic surgery. But she says she does not blame the dogs’ owners.

She said her son had played with the dogs before and she does not know what triggered the attack. “They were tame dogs, and they did the same thing that dog at the zoo did,” Bayer said.

CBS Local reported that she was trembling when she told them, “I had to throw my body on my son because I felt if I wouldn’t have they would have eaten him.”

South Hills Animal Control Officers removed the four Pit Bulls allegedly involved in the attack and took them to a municipal kennel in Upper St. Clair, where they will be quarantined for ten days. The quarantine indicates that the dogs did not have current rabies shots.

Police said the owners of the Pit Bulls could face charges. The Scott Township ordinance allows only three dogs per residence, according to officials.

In the WPXI News video, the owner defended herself, saying that their house is clean and they have trained the dogs. She said she would never allow her dogs "to be around anyone they would be a threat to."

"They weren't growling. They weren't barking. I think they were just playing rough," said Chelsea McBeth, one of the dogs’ owners. "Our dogs have never ever harmed anybody.”

Cameron is still hospitalized at UPMC Children’s Hospital.

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Sources: WPXI, CBS Local


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