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5 Pit Bulls Euthanized After Killing 2-Year-Old Samuel Eli Zamudio; Grandmother and Uncle Jailed (VIDEO)

Eusulia Zamudio, 42, and Marco Zamudio, 23, the grandmother and uncle of 2-year-old Samuel “Eli” Zamudio, who was mauled to death by five pit bull mixes in the family’s yard, are scheduled for arraignment on Thursday morning. Both are charged with felony child endangerment leading to death, Colton Police officials said.

“Eli,” as the boy was called, was savagely attacked by the pack of five pit bulls kept outside. San Bernardino animal control officers also reportedly removed two more adult pit bulls and three puppies from inside the house.

The young boy was pronounced dead at the Arrowhead Regional Medical Center on Monday night.

“It was ugly,” said Erica Vargas, who rents a room in the grandmother’s house. “His face was all eaten up. He was eaten from the face. He had no clothes.”

The dogs were euthanized on Tuesday, and their bodies were scheduled to undergo a necropsy, according to Colton Police Detective Raymond Mendez.

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Source: KTLA, (2)


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