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5 Pit Bulls Attack Winston-Salem Woman, Face Armed Neighbors

Five pit bulls attacked and severely injured woman walking on Gholson Street in Winston-Salem, N.C on Tuesday, September 4, at about 8:00 a.m.Kim Payne is recovering from wounds so deep that they tore her flesh to the bone in her thigh and arms, according to FoxNews8. “ I actually thought he was going to rip my leg off,” Payne said. “I thought I was going to die.”

Possibly the only thing that saved the terrified woman was a neighbor, Charles Campbell, who ran out with an aluminum baseball bat and “beat the dogs off of her,” according to the report. .

“The way that lady was screaming, I knew she was screaming for her life,” Campbell said. “So I just came out swinging. I tried to beat their heads off. I tried to knock them off. I tried to kill them.”

Campbell kept hitting the dogs until Payne could get away.She was taken to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

Corporal Richy Beeson of. Forsyth County Animal Control said when officers arrived, they found the dogs facing an angry mob of armed neighbors.“There was a crowd of neighbors outside with various weapons waiting to defend themselves,” he told ABC11.

Animal control officers discovered that the dogs belonged to a couple at 1226 Gholson Street, who owned six adult pit bulls and five puppies being kept in filth, with a lot of feces and strong odor of urine, Beesom told FoxNews8. The owners were convinced to surrender the dogs because of the “deplorable” conditions, said Cpl. Beeson, and the shelter will monitor all 11 dogs for the next ten days.

Kim Payne was released from the hospital but says her bites are extremely painful and she has trouble walking. In addition to the medications she must take for her injuries, she will also be subjected toa series of rabies shots. “I’m just in a lot of pain. Just in a lot of pain. I’m a mess, but I thank God I’m still here”, she said.”



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