5 Men Arrested After Allegedly Chopping Off 3-Year-Old Boy's Penis In India


A young boy is currently recovering in India after having his genitals cut off with a rusty razor blade during a “sorcery ritual.”

Shoaib Bali, 3, was playing in a sugar field in the village of Peeran Kaliyar in northern India when five men pinned him down and chopped off his genitals before running off, leaving the bleeding boy to make his way home, the Daily Mail reports.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw him coming from the fields,” Shoaib’s mother, 25-year-old Gulshan, said. “He was covered in blood and in shock. When he fainted in my arms I thought had I lost him.”

His father, Salim, 30, was angered by what the group of men had done to his son.

“There was no sign of them but I found the old shaving razor in a pool of blood,” he said. “We know someone took his vital parts for sorcery.”

“They sought out a male child to carry out their heinous act,” he added. “We are sure of this because his parts are missing.”

Shoaib was taken to a hospital where doctors were able to save his life by operating to stem the flow of blood.

But the doctors were not able to reconstruct the boy’s genitals, according to pediatric surgeon Madhukar Maletha.

“We carried out a skin graft to cover the wound and we will now make a urine passage with leftover nerves,” Maletha said.

The five men who were allegedly responsible for the attack have now been arrested.

“The men were seen in the vicinity both before and after the incident,” a police spokesman said. “Two of them are known as self-styled religious healers. We are now carrying out investigation and are looking at the theory that this was done for sorcery reasons.”

The incident comes weeks after the private part of a 17-day-old boy was chopped off over an alleged family rivalry in Rajasthan, western India.

According to the Hindustan Times, doctors say the boy’s genitalia can’t be reconstructed until he turns 5.

Sources: Daily MailHindustan Times / Photo Credit: via Daily MailDabadoo/Flickr Creative Commons


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