5-Day-Old Baby Boy Shot in Head in ‘Bizarre Hunting Accident’


Five-day-old Thayne Iverson wasstruck in the head by a stray bullet, in what is being called a bizarre hunting accident. The tragedy occurred around 7 p.m. on September 25, said Dianna Rostis, a spokeswoman for the Indiana County District Attorney's office.

According to authorities, on Monday the infant was still listed in critical condition at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, where he was flown following the shooting, Yahoo.com reports.

A stray bullet reportedly struck the newborn in the back of the head while he was lying on his father’s lap in the family’s Pennsylvania home.His father was also slightly injured when he was grazed by the bullet.

The bullet exited through the baby’s eye, and local media is reporting that the tiny baby “has been blinded,” Reuters reports.

No charges have been filed against the hunter identified as having fired the shot. Patrick Dougherty, the Indiana County D.A. says the incident is still under investigation.

The baby and his family live in a mobile home located next to a farm owned by a man named Joe Bosch. A second child in the home was reportedly not hurt.

Bosch, talked about the incident being a possible ‘red-tagging’ accident.He provided the following scenario toWWLP

“They seen a deer, they seen a couple of them there and they fired, and they said they seen the dirt flying in the ground, but you can’t tell, you know, it might have ricocheted.”

Bosch admitted his son-in-law was the hunter who pulled the trigger, WWLP reports. The son-in-law claimed he was hunting in Bosch’s backyard, and he fired the shot which hit the baby boy from more than 300 yards away.

The Indiana County DA told WWLP that so far it looks like a bizarre accident,, “The father was holding the baby on the couch…dad heard a bang and felt the child’s head snap. Dad actually got grazed by the bullet after it went through the child’s head.”

Bosch is a farmer and said the deer destroy his crops. He said that he has allowed people to hunt on his property out of season. He added that’s what they were doing when the baby was shot, according to WWLP .

The District Attorney said the case is being treating as a criminal investigation, but all evidence points to an accident.

District Attorney’s Office spokesperson Rostis confirmed that it appears two men were "red-tag hunting" for deer on a neighboring property when a stray bullet entered a window of the home.

Red-tag hunting allows authorized hunters to kill deer on certain properties to protect agriculture, Rostis stated.

The D.A. says this looks like just another “unfortunate accident,” writes Addicting Info; however, “State law doesmandatethat hunters be aware of their surroundings at all times, and it specifically forbids hunters from shooting toward houses or buildings.”

Butaccording to investigatorsit looks as if no one did anything against the law, Addicting Info adds, “If that’s the case then the law needs to change RIGHT NOW… What about the rights of newborn babies not to be shot in the head?”

Sources: Yahoo, Addicting Info, WWLP


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