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Fourth-Grader Saves Bus Driver, Prevents Crash

A fourth-grader at Ralph Parr Elementary School in League City, Texas, is being hailed as a life saver.

On Aug. 23, 9-year-old Dae'reon Durham was riding on a school bus along with about 50 other students when driver Judy Steele almost passed out behind the wheel, reports KTRK, the ABC affiliate in nearby Houston.

Steele describes what happened next:

I had dropped some kids off. I looked up. When I looked back down, everything just kind of started to spin. I grabbed the wheel, put the brake on, and pulled the air brake. I kind of leaned forward to see if I could get cool from the fan. Next thing I know, here was Dae'reon. He stood directly beside me and looked back. He was keeping all the kids in line. He's my little hero.

According to Steele, her little hero patted her back to keep her awake, and at the next bus stop he alerted adults to call 911. Steele spent the next two days in the hospital, where she was treated for heat exhaustion, a sinus infection, and vertigo.

Dae'reon told KTRK he just wanted to make sure his bus driver was okay. "Ms. Judy was at the wheel. She had a lot of sweat on her face. I care about people -- I want to know if they're all right."

Dae'reon received an invitation to visit the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, where he was greeted with a hero’s welcome, according to its Facebook page, which contains the message: “Great job, Dae’reon -- you certainly did the right thing!”

Dae’reon is the son of Deputy Bryan Durham, the page also notes.

Sources: Little Things/Facebook, KTRK / Photo credit: Little Things/Facebook

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