4chan Members Seek Justice Against Florida Teens Who Set Fire To And Killed Endangered Tortoise


The two Florida teenage girls who are accused of setting an endangered gopher tortoise on fire, stomping it to death, and posting the video to social media were targeted online for justice by 4chan.

In a recent /b/ board post on 4chan, a doxing effort took place. Doxing is when information about an individual is gathered using internet sources.

Operation Shell Shock” it was named.

Using still images from the videos, /b/ board members pinpointed information that may lead to learning the girls identities.

The members were able to locate the address where the video was filmed and the supposed home of one of the girls, reports The Daily Dot.

Members of the /b/ board did not stop with the photos.

They took to social media, sent out email blasts to local media outlets and Ridgeview High School, with the information they had uncovered and the supposed identities of the girls. Their names are being held private, but their ages, 15 and 18, have been made public, and they do attend Ridgeview High School.

Animal rights group Nevada Voters for Animal president Gina Greisen has called the girls “depraved little minds” and wants them charged with felony animal cruelty, reports The Florida Times-Union. Her desire for the charge was only strengthened when she learned the girls said they would “make a better one for y’all tomorrow,” referring to the video, after receiving negative comments on social media.

The Facebook page of the animal rights group recognizes a teenager named Ash for alerting them to the videos. Ash was reportedly a friend of one of the girls, and when he saw the videos posted to her profile, he downloaded them before they were deleted.

Ash’s fundraising site states that the girls had kept the tortoise as a pet, but then they “got bored, (and) they took it outside and tortured it.”

The girls are currently under investigation and charges have yet to be set against them. It is possible that the girls will face felony charges for aggravated animal cruelty, and death of an endangered species. They may also be tried as adults.

Photo Credit: Imgur


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