News Producer Robin Cross Fired For Shouting N-Word

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A WSVN news producer has been fired after launching the N-word at her neighbor during a heated argument that was caught on video. WSVN terminated Robin Cross after the feud with her neighbor about street parking concerns escalated into an intense confrontation.

Robert Fenton, a retired car dealer, confronted Cross after she parked in front of his house, blocking his driveway. Cross lost her composure, shouted obscenities at Robert, and called his son's girlfriend the N-word.

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According to the Miami Herald, who spoke to sources close to Cross, the news producer has been in an ongoing battle with the Fenton family over street parking issues. Cross told the station that the discord started over four years ago when she moved to Fort Lauderdale. She says Robert and his family have been harassing her about parking in front of their house and blocking their driveway.

However, things erupted on Tuesday when Cross and Robert confronted each other about her car blocking the driveway, Heavy reports.

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“These f**king people think they’re going to f**king park here and play their f**king games, f**k them,” Cross is heard muttering as she steps out of her car. “You don’t f**king own the road,” Cross is heard telling Robert as she walks over to him. He tells her that she is blocking his driveway and she continues her tirade, telling him he blocks the way of every car that passes down the road when he parks on the street himself.

After a few more heated words are exchanged, Cross says, “Yes, I used the word f**king, if you haven’t heard it before. Except for your f**king son who dates a f**king n****r. ... Finally, I said it out loud,” Cross says as she walks away.

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The Herald reports that Avery Fenton, Robert's son and a local attorney, wrote a letter to the WSVN news station illustrating the incident which occurred on Feb. 7.

“Your employee reduced my girlfriend to nothing other than a slur based off of the color of her skin last night,” Avery wrote. 

Avery states that his father was met with a barrage of verbal attacks. “The video ends with her using extremely foul language, and then a personal attack on me as my father’s son, for dating my girlfriend who is African American. The most awful of racial slurs was used, followed by 'finally I said it out loud.'”

Avery and his father have sent multiple messages demanding her termination.

The station told the Fentons it was investigating the event but has not sent a response. WSVN spokeswoman Lily Pardo sent out an email stating that Cross has been terminated.

“After conducting a thorough investigation, WSVN has terminated a 7 News producer who was caught on cellphone video using a racial slur,” the email stated. “WSVN will not tolerate any kind of discriminatory language or behavior.”

After Cross was fired, Avery told the Miami Herald that “justice was served.” 

“I’m glad WSVN did the right thing, and this puts the matter to rest as far as I’m concerned,” he told the paper, according to the Sun Sentinel. “I hope she will act with more care and thoughtfulness with the people around her in the future.”

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