44 School Shootings Have Happened In America Since The Newtown Tragedy

A new study found that there has been 44 school shootings in America since the Dec. 15, 2012 Newtown tragedy. The United States has more school shootings than the rest of the world combined -- and the numbers aren't even close. While America has had 44 shootings since December 2012, the rest of the world has had just 15 school shootings in the last 13 years. Think about that for a second.

Of the 44 shootings, 28 occurred in K-12 schools, and 16 took place in colleges and universities. The shootings resulted in 28 deaths and 37 injuries. At least one person died in 49 percent of the incidents.

16 of the shootings – almost a third of the total – occurred following a confrontation between students. The shooters were often armed or had guns in their cars ahead of time and grabbed the firearms following the confrontations.

In incidents at K-12 schools, 75 percent of the shooters used a gun owned by a parent or family member at their homes. 17 and 18 year olds were responsible for the majority of the K-12 school shootings. The youngest shooter discovered in the study was just five years old. The child hsd brought a loaded gun to school, and it went off in his backpack.

If you average the numbers out, there has been a school shooting in America every 10 days since the Newtown tragedy.

The three states with the most shootings all are located in the southeastern United States. Florida tops the list with six shootings, while Tennessee and North Carolina follow with four each.

A number of legislators have commented on the study since its release this week. Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy made the point that gun safety measures and Second Amendment protections are not incompatible with one another.

"The numbers are clear: we are not doing enough to keep our children safe at school," McCarthy said. "We don't have to choose between protecting the Second Amendment and installing some sensible safety measures that keep guns out of the wrong hands."

Here is a map showing where the shootings took place across the country:

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